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Professional Painters: We Believe That a Fresh Coat of Paint Can Transform Any Space

We are more than just professional painters in Fresno Ca. At Fresno Painting Pros we are passionate about providing you with the best quality of paint for your painting project. Rest assured that our licensed and insured painters will ensure your home and property is in excellent hands to get the paint job you have always looked for.

Our team does not cut any corners for any of our painting services. We only use the best materials, and our process will deliver an end result you won’t get with any other local painters. Our painting team has a goal to deliver a beautiful finish that even the best painters will envy.

We offer competitive pricing for our quality work that is competitive with other high quality painting companies. Our painters Fresno work with you no matter If you’re trying to save a few bucks and just need a touch-up or if you’re in need of a more comprehensive paint service, we can take care of what you need. Our painting professionals are local to Fresno, Ca and we truly understand the need of most homeowners and businesses both large and small we will deliver the highest quality paint job.

We are proud to serve the Fresno community and provide a wide range of painting services.

We Are Professional Painters

Don’t stress having to paint. We have a team of professional painters in Fresno who are passionate about delivering the best result for you and your home. We ensure that every painting project we proform is handled with the upmost level of professionalism and workmanship. The extensive experience our most professional painters all have in the paint industry, makes it certain that we will deliver you a flawless result and give you the look you deserve.

Taylored Solutions for Your Painting Project

Every project is unique, it doesn’t matter if we are working in your living rooms, painting a small business, a new freshly painted home, a large commercial project, or anything in between. We will provide a solution for the vision you have for any painting project.


Don't fret the prep work.
We will take care of every detail from prep to cleanup

Professional Painters​

We vet our experienced Fresno Ca painters to ensure we deliver the results you dream of. We will leave no paint job behind, no matter if it is interior paint or any other paint job.

Environmentally Friendly Painting

Enquire with us for the painting options we can provide that are environmentally friendly. If you want a environmentally friendly paint job, you need to hire a professional painter.

We Use The Best Materials​​

While preparation work does make a difference, so does the quality of materials. This is why we only use the highest quality paint, primer, and coatings. This ensures a long-lasting finish that you won't have to do over again without significantly raising the average costs for a painting project. The quality of materials is important no matter if you are doing an interior painting project, exterior painting project, or anything in between. A quality product is needed for a quality result. We also urge that high-quality paint is used to not only provide the best result, but to ensure the paint job is durable and will last.

Detail Matters

It is important that you pay attention to detail at every step from surface preparation work ranging from the way outlet covers, switch plates, drop cloths, and many other important items are handled. Detail matters from the prep to finish and our professional painting service has this under control. Our house painters Fresno treat your painting project as if it is our own home, or if we're painting your business we treat like it was our own business.

Our Services

We offer a full line of painting services

Exterior Painting

If you want your home to stand out and be unique to you. Our Fresno painters can give your home a new paint job that will knock the socks off people and give them a lasting impression of your house before they even step foot inside

Interior Painting

Trying to change the vibe or make your house feel different? A great way to do this is hiring a painter to get a fresh coat of paint and revive your homes interior.

Cabinet Painting

You don't have to just stop at your walls. Cabinet painting is another service we offer. This can go a long way to change the look of your kitchen or living room and is a cost-effective solution to overhaul the inside of your home while you save money from not having to buy new cabinets.

Commercial Painting

We also provide painting services in Fresno, Ca. for businesses and other commercial buildings. We are a experienced professional painter and can make your work place shine. New paint in the work place can overhaul your atmosphere and your staff will love it.

Ready for a change? Let’s get started on your painting project!

We Care About Our Core Values

Fresno Painting Pros: We’re the best painters in Fresno

At Fresno Painting Pros, we’re your complete painting professional solution. Our A-Z process doesn’t cut corners. We provide a professional experience and deliver a great result with our commitment to our customers and the focusing on every detail as we provide our painting service. Our painters Fresno have long track record and past paint jobs, we are a trustworthy painting company in Fresno, Clovis, Madera, and other surrounding areas.

Fresno Painting Pros is proud to be a top-notch professional painter in the Fresno area. We know how important your painting project is and our unwavering commitment to providing the best services ensures that we deliver outstanding results and makes us your best choice to deliver any painting need you have.

Fresno Painting Pros Is Your Painting Contractor of Choice

You search stops here if you’re looking to transform your space, whether that is your home or business. The painters at Fresno Painting Pros are a trustworthy painting contractor and we have a huge range of painting services, including complex exterior paint jobs and deciding on the best paint colors. Our range of service and expertise will ensure we provide you the service you want and deserve.

Our Professional Painters Provide Quality

The team of professional house painters that we have is the foundation of our success. We believe that customer satisfaction is the most important part of our job, and we take pride in delivering that within the painting industry. We deliver no matter if you’re looking for an exterior house painter and it is an extensive painting project or you’re in need of a commercial painter for a large-scale project. At Fresno Painting Pros, our team of painters in Fresno Ca are up to taking on the job.

Let Us Reiterate Customer Satisfaction

We’re serious, customer satisfaction is of the upmost importance to use. When we aren’t just providing a written contract, we’re delivering a service that will leave you satisfied not only with the paint job, but the overall service provided. We are passionate about your painting project and delivering the best service.

We Are an Experienced Residential Painting Contractor

We have a huge amount of experience behind us. We are Fresno Painting Pros. We have high quality painting contractors and are a company you can rely on in the Fresno area. We have seen it all and it allows us to deliver an outstanding result in a variety of situations. We only use the best materials and paint supplies no matter what the project is. We treat every job the same, no matter if it is an entire house, cabinets, crown molding, or any other service we provide.

We Do Commercial Painting Too

Our painters in Fresno at Fresno Painting Pros doesn’t just leave it at residential painting projects. We also provide a wide range of commercial services as a commercial painting contractor. The painting services we provide to commercial businesses is designed to meet the demands and requirements that you have. No matter if it is a custom wall or exterior painting, our commercial experience will outperform other painting contractors.

We Take A Thorough Approach

It doesn’t matter what painting services we’re offering. Be it commercial, exterior painting, cabinet painting, or any other painting services we provide. We are here to help and consult you to choose the appropriate paint. Our thorough painting approach delivers outstanding results for every paint project.

Fresno Painting Pros Provides Extraordinary Service

Fresno Painting Pros goes the extra mile to provide top-tier service and customer satisfaction. Don’t wait, contact us today for painting estimates in any of the services we offer. Go for the best and let us take on your painting project.

What About Paint Colors​?

This can be a daunting task, but we’re here to help you out. When you look at paint colors it is best to go with what you like. Your home is a huge investment. By picking the best colors, you can get a long lasting desired look. This not only protects your house, but it will add to the value of your home. Make your Fresno home standout and drive up the value.

Our Fresno Ca Painters have some items to consider:

Make sure that the colors you are choosing match the existing colors and features of your Fresno home. Doing this can ensure the color you choose matches things such as your roof, windows, porch area, and more.

The tone of the color can be a good starting place. Depending on the lighting and other elements, deciding if you want something that has a bright, dark, or neutral tone can make a difference in the feel that the paint job will create.

One thing we always encourage is going to a high-quality paint provider such as Sherwin Williams to look at the different paint colors and samples. You can take the paint chips or samples home to get an idea of how that color will look in your home. Be sure to test the colors in various areas that have different lighting and colors to make sure the color will flow through the house the way you want it to.

A good thing to keep in mind is that usually a home has 2-3 colors. One for the body, the second for the trim and a third for an accent. Our Painters Fresno Ca are happy to answer any questions

Our Work Process

Our work process is designed to provide you with a stress-free painting experience, from start to finish.







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